Preorders for Komorebi: A Genshin Impact Modern Actors Zine have been extended from August 26th to September 23rd, 11:59 PM PST! We hope to see you!

About Komorebi

Komorebi (木漏れ日) is a zine featuring the cast of the game Genshin Impact as modern actors where they play as their own characters in the Genshin Impact Cinematic Universe (GICU) — a series of films working around canon story quests, hangout events, lore, etc.Our name is based on the in-game establishment located in the nation of Inazuma, “Komore Teahouse” (木漏茶屋),“Komore" itself meaning the light passing through the gaps between trees; from here we came upon where such a term was usually used, hence Komorebi — sunlight streaming through the trees. We believe this encompasses our theme in its entirety as through this zine, we are able to explore acting as an alternative universe. We thought of relating Komorebi as individual spotlights shining through a stage, as sunlight pierce in between the leaves and illuminate the ground beneath.

Terms & Conditions

By placing an order and confirming your purchase, you agree to all of Komorebi’s terms and conditions listed below.DIGITAL ZINE (PDF)
As soon as the digital PDF is sent, accessed, and downloaded, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. You are not allowed to distribute the file to any outside parties that are not yourself, in any form, partial or otherwise.
2. You are not allowed to reprint the zine, partially or fully, with the file you are given.
3. You are not allowed to repost the content of the zine on any platforms, whether privately or publicly.
The team and its contributors reserve the right to use any appropriate action against any violations of the above terms and conditions. Additionally, the rights to the contents of the zine are retained by the team moderators and all contributors of this project.PACKAGING INFORMATION
Before shipment, all products will be checked for any damages and bubble-wrapped, so the Komorebi team will not be made liable should there be any damages to the parcel upon arrival. The addresses will also come with the package and will be marked as books for customs clearance. In lieu of this, we are not liable should the customer provide the wrong name of recipient, address, or any shipping information. Should your address change during production, however, you may send an email to [email protected] informing us that you’d like for your address to be changed. Once all parcels have been shipped out, your information cannot be altered.
To be environmentally conscious, the team will also utilize eco-friendly and water-resistant mailers that are 100% compostable in 180 days, which you can either compost or throw away without any environmental repercussions.SHIPPING INFORMATION
International Shipping
Komorebi will be utilizing the international shipping courier, MyKartero. Do note that all shipping rates are based on the updated rates of the courier mentioned above—under Premium (Trackable) rates; have been converted to USD and rounded off to account for any discrepancies in the prices. Follow this link to track your orders once tracking numbers have been distributed to your emails. No person from the team will be made liable should the packages be lost as we made sure that address labels were included, and that they were booked with tracking available.The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), as stated at checkout, is fifteen (15) to twenty (20) working days after shipment has been made, excluding the time period it would take for the package to be released from the destination country’s Customs Office. The ETA is an estimate and is subject to change upon the courier service’s transit speed, and is out of the hands of the moderators once the package has been released for shipment.Additional fees imposed by the destination country’s Customs and/or Postal Office will not be handled by the Komorebi team.Philippine ShippingAs for Philippine orders, our moderator Elara Coen will handle all ordering procedures via Google Forms, in the form of a group order to lessen both product and shipping costs. The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is seven (7) to fifteen (15) working days following parcel shipment, depending on the courier service, J&T Express. All fees related to shipping will be sent to your provided emails along with the confirmation that we received your order.Package status and tracking numbers will also be provided once all orders have been shipped out. No person from the team will be made liable should the packages be lost as we made sure that address labels were included, and that they were booked with tracking available.RETURNS & EXCHANGES
The Komorebi team will issue returns, exchanges, or refunds only under the following circumstances:
1. Your order arrived incomplete due to our negligence. In this circumstance, the team will ship out the missing items and will be handling all shipping costs.
2. Your order is damaged due to our negligence during packing. We will only accept this when you are able to provide pictures and/or video proof of the package being damaged due to our packaging mistake. In this circumstance, the team will either issue a full refund or full order replacement, in the latter case we will be handling all production and shipping costs. If the parcel arrives to you opened, however, it will not be our responsibility as we made sure that everything is secured before shipment.
3. Your order does not arrive at the correct destination because we failed to input the correct shipping information. Please provide us a screenshot of the name and address you placed the order under so we are able to compare it with the information we gave to the courier. In this circumstance, the team will either issue a full refund or full order replacement, in the latter case we will be handling all production and shipping costs.
For any and all circumstances not mentioned above, we will not be made liable and have the right not to issue returns, exchanges, and refunds.Any orders that do not arrive at the intended destination and are sent back to us will be re-shipped to the customer once we successfully make contact with you to confirm parcel status. For the ones that are not sent back to us, please do contact us with all the necessary information listed below so we are able to check trackers and contact the courier for you. Afterward, we will be informing you of the actions we will have to undertake to resolve the issue.All requests for return, exchange, and refund must come with your (1) proof of purchase, (2) picture and/or video proof pertaining to the issue encountered, and (3) full statement. The Komorebi team retains the right to accept or deny any request at the team’s own discretion.CONTACT INFORMATION
All questions and concerns regarding customer orders and shipping may be forwarded to Komorebi’s official email address: [email protected].
The moderators and contributors thank you for your interest in this project. We hope you enjoy the zine, the merch, and all content we have prepared for you!The Komorebi Team



Writer Mod &
Head and Organization Mod

Hey, it’s El, Komorebi’s Head and Writer Mod! I’m currently a general secretary for an organization so I can assure you that I can keep the work running so we can make this project a good one! As for being a writer, I’ve worked on publishing a book before this and am presently working on another one to publish. For zine experience, this is my first modding work, so I’m a little excited about how this’ll turn out! I’m open to suggestions so send them my way!

Elara Coen

Art Mod &
Formatting Mod

Experience? Hmm... I haven't worked on a fandom zine before but I did experience contributing to a local newspaper issue. I was also able to layout a magazine-type release issue, and occasionally receive some art commissions locally and internationally. I’ve worked with local book writers to draw for their books. I guess that's just all I can remember for now. I still have a lot to learn... Everybody has to start somewhere, right?


Graphics Mod &
Social Media + Communications Mod

Hello! I'm Haru and I am the graphics mod for Komorebi! I've been working with Photoshop for 7 years and I am a freelance graphic designer in my personal time, occasionally working with my school on publication materials. I haven't worked on any zines yet as I don't really delve into that side of stan culture but I hope this can help me gain experience to join more zines in the future~


Interest CheckFebruary 02 - February 23
Contributor ApplicationsMarch 07 - April 01
Contributor ResultsApril 07
Pitch SubmissionsApril 14 - April 16
Pitch ResultsApril 18
First Check-In (Draft)May 09
Second Check-In (50% complete)May 30
Third Check-In (75% complete)June 20
Work SubmissionsJuly 11
FormattingJuly 13 - July 27
Opening of Pre-OrdersJuly 29
Closing of Pre-OrdersAugust 26
Production PeriodAugust 27 - September 30
Shipping & DistributionOctober - November